NFL Week 16 Predictions

I’ve got a 148-76 record with two more weeks let! Here are my week 16 picks:

Falcons over Lions

Packers over Titans

Jets over Chargers

Chargers over Jets

Texans over Vikings

Rams over Buccaneers

Panthers over Raiders

Dolphins over Bills

Bengals over Steelers

Patriots over Jaguars

Colts over Chiefs

Cowboys over Saints

Redskins over Eagles

Broncos over Browns

Giants over Ravens

Bears over Cardinals

Seahawks over 49ers


Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading!


NFL Week 14 Predictions

After an 11-5 week, I’ve totaled a 126-66 record. Here are my picks for week 14:

Broncos over Raiders

Rams over Bills

Redskins over Ravens

Browns over Chiefs

Falcons over Panthers

Vikings over Bears

Bengals over Cowboys

Colts over Titans

Jaguars over Jets

Steelers over Chargers

Buccaneers over Eagles

49ers over Dolphins

Giants over Saints

Seahawks over Cardinals

Packers over Lions

Texans over Patriots

Thanks for reading! Comment with your picks!

NFL Week 13 Predictions

Almost three quarters of the way through this season, I have a 115-61 record. Here are my picks for week thirteen:

Falcons over Saints

Bills over Jaguars

Bears over Seahawks

Lions over Colts

49ers over Rams

Panthers over Chiefs

Patriots over Dolphins

Jets over Cardinals

Texans over Titans

Packers over Vikings

 Browns  over Raiders

Ravens over Steelers

Bengals over Chargers

Broncos over Buccaneers

Cowboys over Eagles

Redskins over Giants

Don’t agree with my picks? Comment with yours!

NFL Week 12 Predictions

I’ve bounced back with a 10-2 record for week eleven, folks. This means that I’ve totaled up a 103-57 record going into this Thanksgiving week. I’m very thankful for my family, friends, and most importantly, this great heap of football coming up. Here are my picks for week 12:

Texans over Lions

Cowboys over Redskins

Patriots over Jets

Jaguars over Titans

Colts over Bills

Browns over Steelers

Bengals over Raiders

Broncos over Chiefs

Seahawks over Dolphins

Buccaneers over Falcons

Bears over Vikings

Ravens over Chargers

Rams over Cardinals

49ers over Saints

Packers over Giants

Panthers over Eagles

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Please comment with your picks!


NFL Week 11 Predictions

Well I had a .500 week, so I’m hungry to balance out my record this week with Thanksgiving around the corner:

Bills over Dolphins

Bengals over Chiefs

Texans over Jaguars

Cowboys over Browns

Rams over Jets

Buccaneers over Panthers

Packers over Lions

Falcons over Cardinals

Eagles over Redskins

Saints over Raiders

Broncos over Chargers

Patriots over Colts

Ravens over Steelers

Bears over 49ers

Don’t agree with my picks? Comment with yours!


NFL Week 10 Predictions

It’s been nine weeks people! The NFL season has really passed us by thus far. Through these quick nine weeks, I’ve come up with an 83-49 record. Here are my picks for week ten:

Colts over Jaguars

Giants over Bengals

Dolphins over Titans

Lions over Vikings

Patriots over Bills

Falcons over Saints

Buccaneers over Chargers

Broncos over Panthers

Ravens over Raiders

Seahawks over Jets

Eagles over Cowboys

49ers over Rams

Bears over Texans

Steelers over Chiefs

Don’t agree with my picks? Comment with your own!

NFL Week 9 Predictions

After a 9-5 week, I’ve produced a fair record of 75-43. Here are my game picks going into week nine:

Chargers over Chiefs

Packers over Chiefs

Lions over Jaguars

Titans over Bears

Broncos over Bengals

Redskins over Panthers

Ravens over Browns

Dolphins over Colts

Texans over Bills

Seahawks over Vikings

Raiders over Buccaneers

Giants over Steelers

Falcons over Cowboys

Eagles over Saints

Don’t agree with my picks? Comment on yours!